Friday, March 8, 2013

Rose Transfer Reveal...Free Vintage Graphics Transfers

I will start with the free Vintage Rose image I have made for you- a Black with transparent background version:

The neutral version which is what I attempted to transfer...
This is the second part of this post about my attempt to find ways to do transfers with whatever I have in my jam-packed busting at the seams evidence of my hoarding crazy craft closet.
Here we have the rose image that I applied to wet gesso painted on a scrap board.  
It has dried in this image and I am slowly removing the paper- peeling and rubbing GENTLY with a tiny teeny teeny eency tiny (I learned that the hard way) bit of water. :

***I admit, I was very excited for this technique because I checked the image like 15 minutes in while it was still wet (naughty!!) and it was gorgeous.  As I continued "checking", achem, it, I realized (once again) that I needed to WAIT for it to dry overnight.***
Patience is very, very important.  I should have listened to myself the first time!

So this is what I got for trying to rush things..

Of course in my positive self kind of way, I attempted to "fix" it by  painting the image with VERY watered down craft paint which I dabbed off with a paper towel.

And then I got this:

I want it to look much better so will be trying different things.  "Why is she posting all of this stuff?", you ask.  "Just show me what works!", you say all impatient... just as I would.  
BECARSE (lol typo-leaving it) 
if you are like me, impatient, maybe you are attempting to try quick- fast- new techniques.  
I am saving you the trouble by showing you what works and what doesn't for me :)  
I think it's important to show that a lot of good things come from trial and error.  
Hey! Great art comes from "mistakes"!!
Blah blah blah, enough soap boxing already...

This is the final product coated with paste wax.  This is my favorite kind of paste wax (under my breath-only kind i've ever tried)

1. Prep your preferably not too bumpy surface (paint it with kilz, any color acrylic paint, or gesso), wait for it to dry...OVERNIGHT
2. Black and white images for now for me.
3. Gesso smells
4. Sometimes my ADD gets the better of me so I apologize.

I am definitely going to continue my transfer quest and I hope you will ride along with me.  I am always open to suggestions.  Remember, if it's a product suggestion, it has to already be in my  closet from hell  craft closet---do I dare post a picture??? Nah.


Jamie Wilcox said...

Well, actually, ALL the versions are pretty! The first and second ones look very aged and shabby (love, love it), the third and fourth are gorgeous with their colors, but they still have the shabby vintage look (which is what I go for in my projects anyhow). Mighty purty!

Hannah said...

Thank you for not pretending to be perfect. It's nice to see someone else perfecting their skills as they go along. For the longest time I thought I was craft-challenged because not everything I attempted turned out 'perfect' the first time. Look forward to following along and learning from you.

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