Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy French Hen Transfer...Free Vintage Images Printable

OH MAN, did I have fun today!  Mr. D is out of town so I had the house to myself to get all CRAFTAY (you should do a happy dance when you say that)!!!   I really want to find a great technique for transfers.  I know there are a ton out there in cyberland, but I needed to use what I had on hand (because I have SO much on hand hoarder )  So, for my first "transfer" printed on plain old paper, I tried plain old acrylic craft paint (what else?).  For the more patient types you could try  this book
I have a broken ikea dresser that was perfect for my samplers...

I painted a square on the dresser scrap and laid my "mirror-printed" image directly on the wet paint, and smoothed it with a wooden spoon.......

Nice and smooth, no bumps, wrinkles, or bubbles.
UGH,  then the HARDEST part--- the waiting.  I am just not that patient so I pulled out the blow drier to assist.  Looking back on this I know I should have waited over night- but in order to do that I really need to get 3 transfers going at different times so I don't have to be like a kid on Christmas morning--all antsy, waiting for the reveal!!

Spritz with water and start rubbing off the paper with your finger nice and easy.  This is really messy- OH!  I can use the new word I learned today, "craftermath"- this is really messy and definitely leaves craftermath.  I got a little carried away as you will see in my smudged photo.
Down by my happy hen's legs there is smudging.  

That's quite alright, I like the vintage look (surprise, surprise!) so I slapped on some paste wax and let it dry for an hour.

Of course, these are just messy samplers so when I find my fave technique I will transfer to something better, so please bear with me on this quest.
 I think it turned out pretty good for a first try.   I decided the words were too small so made them bigger on the image I am giving you.   The rose is another technique but you have to wait until tomorrow for that one ;)
PLEASE let me see what you do with La Poule Heureuse (the happy hen)
Enjoy her :)


Fiona McKinna said...

Hi, I love your graphics and I would like to use them for images on cushions I make and sell on Etsy. Is this against your terms of use? Or would it be OK if I made it clear where the image can come from? Fiona x

Montclair Staffing said...

for some reason I can't print this amazing graphic. can you help?

Kerry Scribner said...

Hi Montclair Staffing, Not sure why you can't print this. Click on it to open in a new screen, if on a PC right click and select print. Let me know if that helped. Thank you!! The Graphic Addict

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