Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Vintage Style Save the Date Ad Card...Free Vintage Images

I mentioned my new "old" goodies yesterday.  This is an old trade card from Boston and Lowell Clothing Company.  I thought it would make a really cute "Save the Date" card because it looks like they've been smoochin' ;)  The way the red ink originally printed on the card appears smeared on both sets of lips! Hubba Hubba!  Oh no!  Did I really just say "hubba hubba"?!  It's not my fault... it's this crazy blog!  It makes me type words like "smoochin'" and "hubba hubba". and YIKES
Did I also mention how I love how it's title, "Here we go."?
Perfect for the exciting adventure we know as  "Marriage".
This last image I "cleaned up" the font and added a few lingering dots (you can find the font free here at the best font site ever and then should donate to nicksfonts -he is one of the original amazing fontmasters 
These are all 300 dpi so should print out nicely.  Please let me know if you use any of my images and link back to me.  Also, I sure would love to see what you've done!! And I adore special requests!!
Here I go...

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