Thursday, February 21, 2013

Printable Project (part 2)...Free Vintage Graphics

Here is a new version of the Composition Notebook cover.  I used a lighter grey and gave the stamp a shadow.
Here is the example of the Family name:

And here is the frame image with a transparent backgound.  You can download the file.  If you have any form of Photoshop you should be able to open this image and make a brush from it.  Just google "how to make your own brush in Photoshop ____ (insert your version)  and you will find 100's of tutorials :) Then you have tons of color and design possibilities.

Don't forget to spread the sharing love and link back to me.
I sure would love to see what y'all are making with these images---hint hint Comments?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Buellerrrrr...

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