Tuesday, January 29, 2013

LOVE is in the air...Free Vintage Images

I worked on this heart scrap today and it was making me crazy because it just didn't look right.  Then I added the birdie!  Tada!  I am  also working on a printable Valentine project for you which I hope to post tomorrow.

Here is a pretty card which I have touched up...

 and here is the original
Just so you can get an idea of what I work with.  (LOVING the new Photoshop Elements 11)
Please "follow me" if you aren't already.  I sure would love to hear a comment or two.   I have been missing my Graphic Addicts and haven't heard anything but crickets- I know you can say the same about this blog-   but I have to pull that "my daughter had brain surgery" card!  :) Still seizure-free after a year and 6 months! (Thanking God daily!)
Goodnight sweet people.

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