Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Quick Mermaid Frame...Free Vintage Images

Now that I know I still have a few graphic addicts out there, I am compelled to offer up an image or two.  Here is a darling vintage mermaid.  How cute for a menu or a scrapbook frame for a trip to the sea.  You can cover her tata's to make it more family friendly, of course :)
Have a great day! Sea you later...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Still here< just a little BRAIN SURGERY!!!

I definitely hear the sound of crickets on this beloved blog of mine.  This past year has been huge in our lives.  My daughter had brain surgery!  She is doing amazing, thank God :)  I want to get back on here so badly but I just haven't had the time.  I know I will be back someday...AWWW that sounds so sad.  I am just looking at priorities.  I hope everyone is well, whoever may read this.
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