Thursday, January 7, 2010

Something Different...Free Vintage Images

Today I spent some time at - Let me just say, if you ever want a little "art therapy" GO THERE!  The owner, Kimmie, is fantastically sweet along with the
whole community.  I LOVE it and feel so at home. This is from a digital challenge Kimmie posted.  The original photo was a doorway for the new year, new beginnings.  It is fun for me because I am self taught and always find a new way to manipulate or even create a new image on photoshop.  I have recently been inspired to print on canvas, so I will be exploring that soon...SO MANY THINGS TO DO!!!!

I was searching around thecypershere and there are just so many creative bloggers/artists.  Many of you are followers of my wee blog which humbles me so greatly.  Thank you so much!  Sometimes I get discouraged when I see the incredible work that so many of you and others have done/ are doing.  It's the whole artist esteem thing, I guess.  The fabulous thing is that I get inspired.  I know I am forever an artist and that things will progress for me as my time is more available.  Right now I am trying to create amazingly wonderful children, which, I know will be my most important and greatest work ever ;)

What doors will be unlocked for you this year?


Ella said...

Love your attitude; I agree, it is
a tough job and one gets more respect for raising special breeds of dogs. It is crazy....

I am struggling to find my way...have always dabbled in all kind of crafts and painting...need to get back to it!

I get that same feeling...

"MOI" Freubel said...

Hey Kerry.
Thank you so much for display my freebies button. I hope that many bloggers will find them because i love to share.
About the digital whisper. I'm a member to and you are so right. Kimmie is such a nice and friendly person ! I realy like her.
I wish you lot's of succes creating the amazingly wonderful children. Will you showed it here to when you are ready ??

Warm greetings Rian

TheresainMS said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! I love this lock image; that is so cool. And the butterfly image is wonderful; so ethereal looking. Great images all the time. I love to come here and prowl :-)

Stay warm and have a great weekend!!


Dianne Elizabeth said...

Your comment about "creating amazingly wonderful children... your most important and greatest work ever" was so profound. As I read this you can know that all my children have grown up and left the nest. And looking back, my heart weeps because I chose to pursue everything that didn't really matter instead of them and because of it they were left broken. But I can receive comfort knowing the Great Healer never sleeps.

You're the best mom ever.

I stand and applaud you as I toss a thousand roses at your feet.

Dianne Elizabeth

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