Monday, January 11, 2010

A Belated Happy New Year and Free Vintage Images!!

I guess I really am taking the BWO (blogging without obligation) thing to heart by not blogging daily or even on a regular schedule! I have been busy with kids and such but have also been creating lovely Valentine's things for my shoppe.  I need to get crackin' because it is not looking so great right now :( 

Here are some belated New Year's post card images for you to enjoy and a fantastic old New York graphic .  I have NEVER been to New York and dream of going someday (New Year's would be fun!).  The angel with the pigs is fabulous and comes from an estate collection from a Swedish family. I used to collect pigs when I was younger  YOUNG.  The Angel with the horseshoe and clock is from the same collection.   Remember, click on the image to enlarge in a new window, then right click and click "save as" and...VOILA!!!!  Take care my fellow G.A.'s


TheresainMS said...

So cute! Love those pigs; they are too funny! Thanks for sharing these GA!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the New York image. I can't get enough of New York.

And good for you for not blogging out of obligation. I try to only blog when I have something to say and there are times when I just don't have anything to say.

Thanks for all the goodies you share with us.

Vintage Images said...

Wonderful graphics you have posted, Kerry.



Beth said...

I am a New Yorker - fourth generation...and a NY nostalgia freak. Thank you so much for these images. They are so cute.

Chel ~ said...

Hey there! I would love it if you would link your blog up to the Freebie Friday Born Broken blog!

Happy Friday!

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