Thursday, December 3, 2009

In the Beginning...Free Vintage Images

I did it!  I started A Little Shoppe of Vintage (addiction) Etsy shop!  I am so nervous, but very excited about this venture.  It is a long time coming and almost (keyword BIG almost) like opening my storefront boutique that I have dreamed of having since I was a wee little lassie.  (tiny voice) I only have two things listed ---these things take time, you know.  Hence the "In the beginning" title of this post.  But please check it out, "heart" my shoppe, tell me what you think.  I am listing more tomorrow today (just noticed it is after midnight) so if you are up late, too, or in a different time zone, check back later for more.  I have vintage Christmas items (ornaments,etc) and vintage millinery in line for listing.   So PLEASE tell me what you think so far.  It's just a baby and I hope you like it!! 

Here is the aren't you so very special to me part--
Followers from my website will receive 20% off an item of their choice through December 11th.  I know I am all about giving away free vintage images and I really wish I could give you free vintage things, too.  (I love giving presents, they are my love language---that sounds sorta bad!)

But, I fear I cannot.  I really need to contribute financially to our struggling household.  I am trying really hard to continue staying at home with my kids.  Blah blah blah... 

I am not going to give the story...Instead, a free vintage image just for you!!!
A Merry Christmas Postcard that I cannot read the postmark on.  Enjoy!


TheresainMS said...

Congratulations on the shop and good luck with your new venture and with the financial struggles. I guess most of us are feeling the pinch these days but I sure hope you get to stay home with the kidlets. It certainly makes a difference in their lives and creates a bond nothing else can compare to. Have a great day!!

Hearts Turned said...

Congratulations on your new shop! I'll have to go and pay a visit!

Thanks for the beautiful image--love it!

I so understand about trying to stay at home with the kids--so important, I believe! I'm trying to do whatever I can to contribute while staying home, too--not easy, is it?!

Hope you're having a lovely December day!

Books You Can Feel Good About said...

Such a pretty card, thank you! Good luck with your new shop! I hope it goes great for you :)

kay said...

so sweet! thank you so much

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