Monday, December 7, 2009

Dashing Through The Snow...Free Vintage Images!

Isn't this darling?  I extracted (always painful!) it from one of my old magazines.  I have posted it as a PNG which means it has a transparent background.  This way you can make a brush from it.  "What is a brush and how do I make one?"  I am sorry I have never explained this before because it is such a fantastic tool!!  The bad news is- I only can explain it for Photoshop Elements 7 PC.  The good news is-- You have that!??

First click on the image and it should open in a new window.  Then right click on it an click "save as".  Now it is on your computer and you can open the file in PSE.  I would open it and save it again as a PS document.  Now click on the brush tool. 
Next Select...all.  Now you see the "choo choo lines" going around your image.  Next click on Edit and in the drop down menu you will see "define brush" - select that.  This is where you name your brush.  I can't remember about the saving but there are tons of tutorials about defining a brush.  This will just get it to where you can use it right away---Yay!  Instant gratification.  Sorry I don't give better tutorials---that is why I don't...usually. 

Enjoy and if it doesnt work, just ask and I will explain it better!  SORRY! I am trying to squeeze this in before I have to go pick my son up from school!!!

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