Monday, August 3, 2009

L is For Lion...Free Vintage Images

Our first image tonight is the ferocious Lion Coffee lion. He is magnificent, dontcha think? And for our second image, a kingly lion from my antique bar. I have family coming tomorrow---so excited! I love me some family time!!!! I will try for some images this week as I know my Mom will want to hunt down some treasures here in Texas. Have a fantastic night!


sjhackney said...

Hi Kerry, Just found your blog by skipping around the net. I too love graphics. Thanks for posting your beautiful pics. from your new friend in Deer Creek, IL
Sally Hackney

Pat said...

You are one funny and fun blogger! I was so tickled that I read all the way backwards to the very first post! Along the way I would click on links and the Smooth Away link worked all too well! I couldn't get the darn thing to quit and my DH was trying to watch a golf tourney and the S.A. commercial wouldn't die. I finally had to turn off my laptop. LOL (Why didn't I turn down the volume?)
Your graphics are awesome....can collecting graphics be a passion? After I get them, I don't know what to do with them all. It's just comforting!
Love you and your made my day! Oh, and my avatar is horse teeth which in real life need White Strips more than I do.
Pat S

Lori said...

love your blog...i wish you had a button for your blog...i have a list of graphic sites in my sidebar, and i would really like to add you to the list...

Kirsten said...

Thank you for this gorgeous Lion - I am going to use it for a birthday card for my mother!!

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