Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Red Red Rose...Free Vintage Images

I love to get roses (wink wink) So, here is a lovely rose for you... Because I know you like to get roses, too! I have been messing around with some images and my site (not quite finished) and have learned the hard way that I need to move to a desk rather than my bedroom floor. Ouch my back hurts. I lose track of time as I flip through the old Godey's Ladies magazines with articles like "Crochet Tidy", "Fancy Baskets" , and "Novelties For February (Hood,dresses,etc. etc.)" hmmm, a fancy hoodie, perhaps?

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Pat said...

This is gorgeous! Love the color of red! Hey, I got up at 6 to pray and do some studying and this popped up (from last nite's blog reading)so I thought it was surely God telling me to thank you for all the wonderful graphics you share with us! Now back to why I got up at 6!!

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