Friday, July 31, 2009

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy...Free Vintage Images

If you have never seen "The Shining" starring Jack Nicholson, then you haven't a clue about my title this morning. Yah see, Jack plays a hotelier that goes a bit "Cuckoo-Cuckoo" (said like the actual clock for better effect) and well, tries to um, well, maybe I better not say. Let's just say that I I, well, my job is a stay at home mom. Not that I would ever. Shoot! I am digging a hole. Okay, I am a jokester, see? I tell jokes and make jokes and I am sarcastic as all get out. SO, when I say movie lines that imply I am going crazy and getting ready to off my family, THEMS just jokes!!!! On to the graphics, Jonesy!!!

Some lovely tinted frames (You can define a fabulous brush from these in Photoshop)

Another great rose for you with fabulous possibilities...Enjoy!


kyla said...

I thought it was funny & I totally relate. My two year old is currently refusing to remove a tutu that I made for her. Its been days and Im fairly certain there something nesting in the layers of tulle! Thank you for the fabulous images. I might just duct tape said two year old down and play with the frames in photoshop!


Unknown said...

Ah, yes...I remember two. Hang in there, she sounds absolutely adorable- I mean, who doesn't want to live in a tutu? By the way, Duct tape comes in hot pink now ;)

darlene said...

Hi Kerry:

I just found your blog. The frames are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

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