Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Swimsuit Illustrated...LOOK OUT! Free Vintage Graphics!

Let's get one thing straight -I absolutely adore my girlfriends. And I am HORRIBLE at keeping in touch with them, but the one's that can tolerate my downfalls are remarkable. The bond we ladies share is just something I could never live without and I feel extremely blessed by all of my beautiful friends. This picture speaks volumes to me. I mean, these ladies are having fun and getting silly just like any other bunch of gals would do today (and they don't even have to bare their chests!). Of course, the swimsuits--are they swimsuits or are these ladies just jumping in the sea in their clothing? If they are swimsuits, they sure were a bit cumbersome, wouldn't you agree? Swimsuit Illustrated - Watch Out!!! I love the girl at the top, sitting upon the shoulders of her girls... you know you have a friend like that--petite and adorable, always ready for a bit of fun. I don't want to think about what would happen if I sat upon my friends' shoulders (I am laughing aloud and cringing at the same time as I type this!) What a fabulous memory these girls created that day on the shore--a bit controversial, maybe? Even scandalous? I cherish my scandalously controversial times with my girlfriends...at least the ones I can remember!!! Oh, how I love the days "When Good Fellows Get Together".


Anonymous said...

Love it! I found a 1922 Boston Globe with articles on tarty bathing suits!

txartist62 said...

haha love it! we actually HAD some of those old swimsuits (maybe we still do) in our trunks up at our cottage in canada - my great-aunts built the place in the 20's and i've seen many a picture of them in their suits! on top of covering most of their body, lots of them were made of this itchy, coarse material. must have been wonderful when they got wet - NOT!! :)

Diane said...

WOW! I just found your blog through another blog (1ST floor flat)& can't thank you enough for your generosity! You have some fabulous images. I clicked on as a follower so I can stay in touch.
Thanks again! Hugs, Diane

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