Friday, May 8, 2009

What Was She Thinking?...Free GIVEAWAY!

OK, let's talk about this postcard a bit...
What are those eye rollin' eyes telling us about her thoughts at this precious moment:

"Oh please, if I have to take another photograph with this dead deer, I'll just about die!"

"Did someone put flowers on my head because I'm not having it!"

"Duh! Doesn't everyone know that tying your hat around your neck is unflattering and outdated?"

"I am so not the 'tip toe through the tulips' type..."

"I am so running away with this deer when we are finished!"

"I need a shotof Jagermeister"

in your most sarcastic voice"um, yeah, this totally rocks...Thanks, Mom!"

HEYYYYY (light bulb appearing above my head) I got an idea:

You submit your best quote for what the little miss is thinking and you can win a little something from me. Yes! A GIVEAWAY!!! My first ever! How exciting!

The rules:

No cussing (I know it takes some fun out but this is a PG blog as my children read it)
U.S. only (sorry, this is just the first giveaway so I have to stay familiar)

ummmmm, that's about it.

What? What's that you say? Ohhhhhhh, what will I send you? I am not sure yet, but it will be something vintage and lovely for sure. Probably... a treasure of mixed ephemera, yes! That sounds good.

I almost forgot! If you like this image and want to copy it, click on it and it will open in a new window. Then right click and click "save as".


Heidi said...

She is thinking "i can't believe I have sunk so low"

Anonymous said...

she is thinking "this is supposed to get me in the movies?

Mia said...

heres one, "No one said being a flower girl could be so agonizing..."

Anonymous said...

Gee, kids...between the hat and the stuffed deer what more could a mother ask for?

Gypsy Chix said...

Sr. pictures, 1910..
Smile this one is for the year book!

This is the same look my teenage daughter gives me when I tell her to clean her room!

Anonymous said...

Stand on my head for the next can't be serious!

melissa said...

my guess is this is a post mortem photo. There is no life in her expression at all. But I could be wrong. Its a nice picture either way.

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