Monday, May 4, 2009

SHHH...Another Lovely Free Vintage Image

This darling stereoview is titled "First Time at Church". I know just how she feels sometimes.(no offense to Pastor D!)
Don't you just love these hand tinted photos? Who was this precious little girl?
Curiosity about these images fuels my addiction! I can never get enough! NEVERRRRR! (Waa haa haa haaa!) Which is to your benefit.
Excuse me a minute. AAAARGH! I just can't think as we are on "Swine Flu (oops is that politically incorrect) lock down" and I have this little man asking to get on here. "Can I get on long before I can get on? How 'bout now?--- What about now? Are you almost done? Can someone come over and play? What's for lunch?"
Don't they understand...I am "working"!!! (Pulling on hair)
Until next time, my friends. Pray for my sanity, as you can see it is slipping away into the snorty snort snorts of ye old svine flu!

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Jan Thomason said...

this is my first visit to your website and i have loved looking (and sometimes copying:) at your vintage pictures.
when i saw this precious girl in the top left hand corner of your page i just KNEW she wouldn't be one of the giveaways.
i am so delighted to have found her! Thank you so much. She is absolutely darling.

I know what you do is a lot of work and I thank you for sharing with everyone. Know you are appreciated!

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