Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Still Smiling With Relacor

This is a picture of my friend and I at Warrenton. I collect loving cups and would have loved to have this one but it was $600! Instead, we took a picture which I changed up for her 40th birthday!

I know I have been horrible at keeping up with my blog and I apologize. I just haven't felt very funny lately and that means I am not feeling like myself.

I have decided to change my blog to something that interests me much more...GRAPHICS! Especially vintage. I am going to post and share graphics for you to use for whatever you chose (except for selling!) I will not charge you a dime for these graphics and they will start from my own collection. I am not an expert on the copyright matter, but will do my best to make sure that it has expired (100 years plus) or is royalty free. Let me know what you think and I am open to ALL suggestions, just don't be too mean!

I can't leave you hanging with the Relacor, so I will keep you posted. So far I have noticed it has a great affect on my mood, which is wonderful for those who are around me. I am not sure about my belly...hmmm

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