Monday, April 20, 2009

Lookout Project Runway, FREE Tra La La and a new DOMAIN

Isn't this adorable, I can hear the music now.
Let's call this "Tra La La"...

I was going to post an image of some tres faconnable vintage lady in honor of the UIW fashion show/luncheon I attended today in San Antonio, but... I didn't. I figured y'all might be sick of "the ladies". Instead I came across this darling silhouette and thought this was the perfect little hit for my graphic addicted friends...

Was I right? If you want the brush, email me for the file. For the graphic just do the norm- click on the image, right click and click "save as".

BY THE WAY...(jumping up and down) I bought my domain name! I am all atingle about it!

It's SUPERDELICIOUS. I love that word because my son asked me, "Do you think Dad is superdelicious?" Plus, the commercial is pretty cute, too. No more middleman for my little addicts!
Original image from old scrapbook full of graphic treasures!

Please keep coming back now, ya hear?

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Jan Thomason said...

you mention here that you went to a fashion show in San Antonio.

I live 45 minutes NW of san antonio.
i wonder if you're close?

i live in a little town called Center Point. It's between Comfort and Kerrville, Bandera and Fredericksburg.


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