Sunday, April 19, 2009


While trying to think of a fabulous vintage image to feed your graphic habit, I was rummaging through all of my favorite places to stash such things. Lo and behold I stumbled upon a very tattered 1905 edition (Hurray, no legal issues!) of The Red Book. Inside lay this handsome little cupid! Don't you just LOVE cupid! He has been waiting many many years to show himself. He was scribbled on before he was in my posession. Isn't he lucky that he will be in the hands of so many graphic addicts! To copy Cupid, just click on him and he will open on a new page. Right click and click "Save as" VOILA! Cupid is all yours. If you use him, please give me a mention and also, send me a pic!! I would love to see a creation.

Here is Cupid's uncropped undiffused image. Look at all of the lovely ladies. What beautiful complexions they have.

There are some more really great ads in the book, so I will post another one tomorrow.

LOVEly Sunday to you all.

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