Friday, March 13, 2009

Up All Night

Good late morning! After the huge excitement of creating my first blog, my mind was racing with ideas. Of course, now that I am awake, I do not have the wit that I heard in my head. I wanted to share a story about a friend who I will (for the sake of privacy) call "Glitter". One day Glitter and I were talking about our feet...
**Now, if you have a weak stomach or feet gross you out, you may not want to continue.**
As I was saying, the state of our feet was completely horrible. We found the conversation rather funny and through our laughter were able to share a couple of things: My family lovingly refers to my feet as "hooves". I shared this with Glitter and she went on to tell me about how her husband (who I will refer to as Rolondo) referred to her feet as "Pa-jan-cha-jara" (proper spelling Pitjandjadjara) after an Aboriginal tribe that goes barefoot. We think it is a great description of our dried out feet! This leads me to the first "Can This Really Work" challenge...Hold on to your seats... the PED EGG! ( I know it is a small challenge, but it is something my 9 year-old son has really wanted me to buy! So, my friends, off to Walgreens today to buy the Ped Egg for my first "Can This Really Work" answer!!!!

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