Saturday, March 28, 2009

How About A Little Weight Loss From The Middle? Relacore. Can It Really Work?

Relacore, anyone? It was actually suggested to Derek and I to reduce our cortisol levels from stress. Stress? What stress? Just kidding, for those of you who personally know me, you know we have had our share! For those of you who don't, just trust me. I LOVE The Food. All kinds of The Food! I really love chocolate. I mean, really. I just got over pneumonia and you know how some people can't eat when they are sick? Not me. Of course, not me. I wanted soup but with a side of chocolate with each meal. Anyhoo (I don't know why I typed that, I would never say that in real life!) but anyhoo anyway, I have packed on the L.B.'s people. Oh, the days of the mid drift. I hope they NEVER EVER come back!!

Relacore. What is it? I am supplying the link because it is so funny!

I love the nice Relacore people! They are totally codependent!
You diet.. you exercise... you're taking the latest diet pill... and... you're even losing weight. But take a look in the mirror... (YOU GIANT PIG) you still have that unsightly belly bulge. Twenty pounds lighter and you still look... fat! How in the world can that be possible?
"Excess tummy flab is not your fault;
That is the startling conclusion
reached by scientists
who discovered the likely cause
of stubborn belly fat."
Day two of Relacore. I actually think it does make me in a slightly better mood. But that won't stop me from eating. I like to eat if I am sad or happy! I am too ashamed to post a before picture- and plus it would horrify my 13 year-old daughter! But it's not my fault!!! Hee hee. I will tell you what it does in seven days. I am going to Warrenton tomorrow and I will be sure to post some pictures for all of you antique lovers. It is an incredible antique show! Bye!!

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