Friday, March 20, 2009

SPRING IS ode to Ped Egg

Happy first day of SPRING! For this momentous occasion I am posting a picture of our old bunnies Fluffers and Trixie (RIP). I know they are dead, but weren't they just sniffy sniff sniffy?!!!

Now on to our friend, the Ped Egg...
Ode to the Ped Egg
Slowly grating
Back and forth
Not East and West,
Just South and North…
Filling your belly
Bit by bit
With all of my foot’s
Cracked , dry and "callusy" sh…
Thank you, Ped Egg, for pampering my heel
Too bad you can never really know
How good you made me feel.
Sandals? Of course!
At the shoe store? Berserk!
Oh, my little egg pal,

Ped Egg Rocks! Literally, if it can smooth out my hard-as-rock feet it can do anything!
Buy it!!!!

...I still need a suggestion for my next quest!!!

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Brad said...

So it does work.
I am glad to hear it.
Also curious about your next quest.
:) Brad

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