Monday, March 23, 2009

A Car + 10 Shots of Tequila + 12 Beers...NEVER Works!!! How About Teeth Whitening Strips?

God gave me an amazing teaching opportunity Friday at midnight thirty: I had taken my daughter and her friend (both 13 year olds) to the midnight Twilight DVD release party at Hastings. On our way home we were talking about perverts (long story) and turned North onto Loop 337 (the two way road toward home). (see link for street view but head N)

Up ahead, going my same direction, I saw a car swerving back and forth and said, "that just makes me want to call 911" The car then swerved off to the right like it might stop but then over corrected and ended up on the wrong side of the road where it continued to drive in the wrong direction. I had my phone in hand calling 911 for fear of what might happen next. Before I could manage to call, a car came from the other direction towards the drunk driver and we were now watching a potential head on collision.

I realize my words cannot express how terrifying this was -VERY scary! Especially when you have children in the car

The oncoming car tried to avoid the drunk driver but the DD managed to hit the back of it and send it into a spin. The DD then took off!

Meanwhile, 911 is ringing (no one picking up!) and being the fantasy CSI that I am, I head off to pursue the DD. As we come up closer to the hit car we see that it is a NB Sheriff's vehicle!! I frantically ask him if he is okay as he is surveying the scene while calling on his radio. He is, so I proceed to follow the DD (keep in mind this all happened way faster than I can explain it). The drunk had not gotten very far- he crashed into the guard rail about 400 yards ahead---STILL on the wrong side of the road.

The girls were pretty freaked out and I immediately said to them (and realized I was sounding like my mother), "This is why parents do not want their kids (teens) out on the road late. It's the other people you have to worry about!" All of our adrenaline was pumping like mad.

Thank God that we were not involved and that the officer was okay! That is the first time in my forty years that I have actually seen a car as a weapon.

...So, what about Teeth Whitening Strips? Let's see if I can turn my teeth into a weapon- a

wickedly bright smile!!!

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